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NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP Hey Siri, what’s the nearest Italian restaurant? Hey Google, play a new playlist on Spotify. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to talk to your phone or to Google Home, for example. Our interaction with digital assistants relies largely on NLP (Natural

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Data, what is it and what can you do with it?

Today the terms about data, data management and artificial intelligence are flying around your ears. As if everyone has been educated in these and knows exactly what all these terms mean. As a manager, how should you make decisions on how to

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Web service: easy and real-time data exchange with CreditDevice

At CreditDevice, we strongly support openness and transparency. That’s why we’re building CreditDevice as the primary platform for all risk and credit management processes. This gives you all information about debtors, limits and disputes directly in one system. But what if you

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CreditDevice nominated for the VVCM Innovation Award

This year, CreditDevice has been nominated with the PolicyManager for the VVCM Innovation Award 2022. This award is presented annually to the organization that has successfully developed the newest, most innovative product or service in the credit management industry.

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