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A clear picture of all the important changes with AlertService

Our AlertService always keeps you informed of your customer’s financial situation. Select the companies you want to be kept up to date about and filter the alerts that you want to receive. This will prevent an overkill of messages.

Make strategic choices with AlertService

AlertService will notify you about the key changes within a company so that you can easily respond to them. Not only a decreased or increased credit recommendation, for example, but also changes in payment behaviour and the filing of annual accounts. You will also be notified of changes in the Chamber of Commerce registration. Judicial decisions such as bankruptcies and suspensions of payment are also part of the service. In short, all you need to know to make strategic choices.

AlertService lets you define for yourself which notifications you want to receive. Decide whether you want to receive the most important notifications by e-mail or view the notifications in the AlertService overview.

Using AlertService

The way AlertService is used has changed over the years. Some customers immediately activate the AlertService for each credit report they request. The consequence is that you need to manage the AlertService on a monthly basis. You need to consider which clients are still active and what their yearly turnover is. You will receive a monthly overview and then need to decide whether or not you want to terminate the AlertService for each client. The information will be provided to you in good time and you have one month to respond and make changes.

Avoid long-term risks. AlertService is there for you, for smart and effective credit management.

Check your entire customer base

However, we mostly see that AlertService is not linked to the purchase of a credit report, but is purchased as a stand-alone service. More often, our customers choose to have the entire customer file or part of it monitored, in order to have clean data and to help them make important strategic choices. You can choose between different filters. The most popular filter is turnover above a certain annual limit. According to fixed routines and at a set moment each year, the AlertService is purchased and then activated again by adding a data file. This lets you make a conscious choice which clients you want to stay informed about.

Use AlertService together with other products

AlertService plays an important role in our products by continuously updating your information. Manually controlling your data streams is not efficient if you have lots of clients or large amounts of information.

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