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Credit information: the smart way of doing business

How can you tell whether a company is reliable for doing business with? Check your customer or prospect’s creditworthiness with a CreditDevice credit report. We are a reliable source of information.

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Do business with sound companies

Avoid unpaid invoices by only doing business with sound companies. How healthy is your business contact financially? A CreditDevice credit report provides you with the company details of a customer or prospect. Information is needed for taking decisions in a business relationship, either at the start or when you are doubtful about continuing the relationship.

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Prevent unwanted risks

Experience for yourself how credit information from CreditDevice can help you set up customer acceptance procedures efficiently. You can avoid overdue or unpaid invoices.

Every day, new enterprises enter the Dutch market. All companies that are established in the Netherlands are included in the CreditDevice database. Maintaining our database is an ongoing process. We update and check various data sources daily. This lets us guarantee that you will always have access to credit reports with up-to-date business information.

“CreditDevice provides quality reports which help us to limit risks and provide quick information to enable business growth.”

Glenn Clark | Credit Manager | Eastman

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Quality is an issue

A credit report from CreditDevice always has the most recent annual accounts. The annual accounts review is a computerized process, complemented by manual data input. Our quality, credit analyses and validation help you to limit risks. So our credit reporting helps reduce the lower level of credit risk and improves your turnover.



Our credit reports always have the same clear layout. The layout of a credit report is always the same both for Dutch and for international companies. The credit report layout increases the readability and makes it easy to compare several credit reports.

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Personal service

We value personal contact and we know our clients by name. If you have a question about a credit report, or need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your service and will be happy to think things through with you!

An efficient procedure for customer acceptance with Credit information

New customers are vital to every company’s growth. Provided they are good customers, who fulfil their obligations. But how can you tell that in advance about a new customer? With the various Credit information solutions of CreditDevice you can set up your customer acceptance procedure efficiently and according to your specific requirements. Monitor risks ahead of time by consistently checking the creditworthiness of customers and prospects.
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Million companies worldwide

Credit information and Credit Management Software: a unique and clever combination!

CreditDevice is the only Credit Management Software supplier in the Netherlands that has its own credit information database. This combination makes us unique. Why is this combination that important? Because information integration makes the difference. Benefit from it when making strategic and other important decisions. The combination of relevant internal and external data means you will have all the debtor information available at one central spot. Combining credit information and Credit Management Software within one platform, makes it easier to analyse information.


Combine Credit Information with our Credit Management Software

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