Credit management software

Optimum credit management for successful business management

Get paid faster and at the same time improve your organization’s efficiency and its internal and external communication. How? Take a moment to discover how our Credit Management Software works!

Credit management software

Effective communication

Our Credit Management Software will professionalize your company’s debtor management. You will be able to communicate more effectively, not only with debtors, but also internally. Respond better and faster to what your clients do. Our Credit Management Software simply gives you more control over the process, resulting in improved cashflow and sound business management. And which entrepreneur wouldn’t want that?

Credit Management Software

Organizational results

Our Credit Management Software doesn’t only benefit the financial department. Deploy Credit Management Software throughout your organization - give the sales, purchasing and service departments access too.

Credit Management Software

Licence fees

Our pricing structure is transparent. The license fees are based on the number of invoices you dispatch. The number of administrative systems or users does not influence the fee.

Credit Management Software

Automatic workflows

Configure workflows for efficient debtor management. Never again forget to take action and communicate unambiguously in the right tone of voice, while saving time and money.

Internal co-operation and effectiveness

Who does what? Who reminds the customer of that invoice that is still outstanding? Our Credit Management Software will help you to streamline both your external and your internal communication. Improve the internal co-operation and effectiveness. Don’t let actions remain open and avoid growing frustrations about complaints management. CreditDevice’s extensive experience lets us understand the importance of internal communication with regard to debtor management. That’s why we do not charge per user; we don’t want to hinder the internal co-operation.

Invoices paid faster

Our software will help you to communicate with debtors effectively. Automatically include e.g., a payment link to reminders, using the online payment option. And if you would rather send reminders by post or maybe even by text message, all forms of communication are possible. Determine the right tone of voice for each customer and take targeted action for the best result: getting invoices paid faster!


Quantify your customers’ payment behaviour, predict the risks of defaulters and streamline all your activities. Transparent and well-organized reports and analyses mean that you are always informed about your customers’ payment behaviour and provide a clear picture of their financial status. This lets you prioritize better and determine the strategy: what is important to me and what do I focus on? Our Credit Management Software will help optimize your business management.

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Knowing precisely what really matters

Sound credit management is only possible when all relevant information is linked together. Only then will the available information become valuable. Our reports have been optimized to provide managers and departments with information that is really useful to them. Adapt the content of the report yourself and share the document with relevant colleagues. You can send the reports manually or periodically at set times. All dashboards have been personalized and show the most important items for the user who is logged in.

Reinforce Credit Management Software with modules

CreditDevice is the only supplier of Credit Management Software with its own credit information database. This combination is what makes us unique compared with the rest of the market. Why is this combination so important? Integrating information has become a strategic component of business management. Combining our Credit Management Software and our credit information, makes it easier to analyse data and avoid risks. Then add our credit insurance module to optimize your communication with the credit insurance company. PolicyManager is a unique solution for all communication with the credit insurance company. The application provides access to optimum limit control, self-assessment calculations and revenue calculations.