Save money with discretionary limits

Determine discretionary limits

Determine a credit limit under discretionary limits?

By setting a limit yourself, you can save the costs of a credit limit. A credit insurance policy often allows you – under certain conditions – to set such a limit yourself based on payment experiences or on a credit report.
Discretionary limits with PolicyManager

What can PolicyManager do for you?

Maintaining a discretionary limit is not easy; it takes a lot of time and calculation work every day. PolicyManager can do the work for you, so that you always work with the correct discretionary limit. In addition, you will save a lot of time and the cost of a credit limit with the insurer.

Rules of the credit insurance company

CreditDevice sets the policy conditions for you. PolicyManager calculates the discretionary limits according to those conditions.

Discretionary limits based on payment experiences

Based on the invoice information, PolicyManager will process the build-up of the discretionary limit step by step on the basis of payment experiences.

Maximum extension period discretionary limit

We will notify you when the maximum extension period is reached, so you will never be late in submitting a claim.

Withdrawal discretionary limit

If a condition of the credit insurer stipulates that a discretionary limit must be withdrawn, PolicyManager will automatically do this for you.

Maintain an overview

PolicyManager alerts you when you need to take action to prevent additional risk.

Discretionary limits based on a credit report

Based on a credit report, PolicyManager immediately knows whether you are entitled to a discretionary limit and what the amount and duration will be.

PolicyManager saves you a lot of time and money and helps you to do business with clear understanding of any risks.

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