PolicyManager has become indispensable

“The way we work thanks to the products of CreditDevice, is the Credit Management of the future. Departments reinforce each other, we have reliable data and save a lot of time.”

WePayPeople is an expert in payrolling. Almost 15,000 people are paid through them every year. This number is still growing every day. WePayPeople also provides payroll and back office for many small and large organizations. Elias Ruissen is responsible for Credit Management within the organization. The team of Elias exists of four people, who in contrast to the traditional way of credit management, mainly focus on customer acceptance and the process around credit management.

“In the past couple of years, a lot has changed at WePayPeople when it comes to customer acceptance” Elias begins. “After a few years of pure use of credit information, we started last year with Infoscore from CreditDevice. We first did a pilot with larger employment agencies, the major users of credit checks. With Infoscore our customers can act much faster and they no longer have to wait for an answer. They immediately get a green or red light.” Elias indicates that with Infoscore, both WePayPeople’s employment agencies and sales team can always directly see whether they can do business with a company or not.

Infoscore makes a difference for WePayPeople

When asked how WePayPeople handles requests outside office hours, Elias is clear: “Our staff is free during the weekend. Nevertheless, it often happens that people also want our help outside office hours to determine whether a new customer can be accepted.” Elias continues: “Consider for example a situation where an employment agency wants to work with an entrepreneur who needs urgent personnel. Thanks to Infoscore, an intermediary from the employment agency can log in directly to our portal and can immediately see whether they can do business safely by means of a green or red traffic light. If so, collaboration can be digitally signed. And they can get started right away!”

Elias explains: ‘’This not only saves the customer a lot of time but also us. Before implementation, we handled an average of 40 requests a day. At the moment only a small 10% is forwarded to us. This time saving is an important USP for us.’’ Elias continues: ‘’Both our customers and internal departments can work pick up work much faster. Which automatically gives us a more supporting role than before.’’

A circle of success

Elias is very enthusiastic about all the products they use: “In addition to Infoscore and credit information, we have added two additional products from CreditDevice last year, namely; PolicyManager and SalesOptimizer. With the use of these products, our customer acceptance process has become a full circle. We continuously make both our own portfolio and one of our customers healthier. For example, a credit check is first done online with Infoscore, after which we use PolicyManager to ensure that we have coverage with the credit insurance company. Then we generate new leads for our customers with the help of SalesOptimizer.”

So, you could say that this combination has been very beneficial for WePayPeople? “Yes, during every part of the process, CreditDevice provides us with the products and support we need to get this done right,” said Elias.

PolicyManager has become indispensable

One of the products that have been added to the WePayPeople portfolio since this year is, in Elias’ opinion an indispensable tool for any credit manager who is credit insured. Elias says he is very enthusiastic about PolicyManager. It is a unique product that I absolutely recommend to other credit managers. With PolicyManager you have a direct link to the database of your credit insurer. It gives you the certainty that you never had before. As a credit manager, you never want to be overtaken by events, because that often results in unpaid invoices and damage. With Policymanager you are always one step ahead.”

He answers the question of how Elias would briefly describe the PolicyManager with two words: “reliable and security”. Elias continues,’’PolicyManager is a product that didn’t exist before and that covers a risk that is still a blind spot for many credit managers”. The question you should ask according to Elias is: how do you manage your credit insurance and how do you guarantee that what you communicate is correct? “I don’t think that’s possible without a tool such as PolicyManager. With the help of PolicyManager you no longer risk losing coverage because you have missed important information. Through the link with the credit insurer, our data is always up-to-date and you always work with correct data. In addition, making analyses and sending reports with the correct data is now very easy’’. Altogether, a unique tool that would be ideal for any credit insured company,” says Elias.

We have the same principles

Elias closes his story with a nice conclusion: ‘’We can now automatically check and measure all relevant facets in one process. With the products of CreditDevice we have powerful tools that WePayPeople can use for years. The entire organization is much more aware of what Credit Management is and what we do.’’

‘’For me, CreditDevice is a partner that stands for the same things we stand for, Elias says. It has a direct influence on our objectives and achieving them. Just like WePayPeople, CreditDevice constantly comes up with new developments and always thinks along with you. How we work now, thanks to CreditDevice, feels like the credit management of the future.’’

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