Gain better insight in your debtor portfolio

Do you have a comprehensive debtor portfolio? If so, the online analysis tool Risk Manager of CreditDevice will offer you better insight and overview.

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Dynamic credit management

By importing the financial data of your debtors into the software of CreditDevice on a daily basis we can precisely monitor and analyse the payment behaviour of your debtors. Hereafter we compare your data with our extensive database. The combination of internal and external data gives a very predictable insight into the behaviour of your customers.

Why Risk Manager?

Always have a clear insight into the risks and opportunities of your debtors

A better risk assessment

The link between your own data and our database gives you a detailed insight into your debtors. And will automatically give you better insight during risk assessments.

Every debtor has its own risk file

You will get a risk file per debtor. This file contains a summary of the external report based on our database and your own customer data. A unique combination of important data in one file.


The Risk Manager module is always combined with our credit information module. However, if you want to get even better insights into your debtor portfolio, combine these modules with our Credit Management Software and/or PolicyManager. Because then everything will be part of one integrated application. This means that you do not only collect even more data, you will also be able to immediately go to your debtor file and adjust the workflow accordingly when the payment behaviour changes. CreditDevice is the only company in Europe that offers a fully integrated package like this.

Have complete control

You are always in control. Within the Risk Manager module you can ‘play’ with the available data. When monitoring your portfolio, you choose your own parameters and decide which updates you want to receive. This leads to your desired insights. And very important you will no longer receive 100 e-mail updates a day.

Everything can be exported

You can transfer data to your ERP-system or accounting package and turn it into an Excel file. Another possibility is to schedule emails with customized information for each stakeholder. This way your colleagues are periodically fed with relevant reports at their specific level.

Direct link with other modules

If you have any other CreditDevice products, you can easily navigate through the different modules. You are just one click away from the debtor file (if you make use of Credit Management Software) or an earlier requested credit report.

More credit information

Risk Manager CreditDevice

At CreditDevice you won’t receive 100 update e-mails a day


Set risk scores yourself

You choose yourself which debtors you want to monitor. Usually, these are larger or returning clients. You can also decide on which data you want to monitor your customers. Based on the payment behaviour of a debtor we rate a company. If the payment behaviour changes negatively, and the customer score is below a certain level, you will automatically receive a notification. You can decide at which score you want to receive a message. You will receive the updates by e-mail or directly in the Risk Manager module. This way you can always react in time when the payment velocity of a debtor drops.

Unique combination of internal and external data

With Risk Manager you combine the payment experiences of yourself with all data we have available of a debtor. This includes, for example, the annual figures, statistical data and the deposit dates. Here you can, for example, find out whether a customer always pays its invoices in time, except for your company. Or the other way around? Because you get a cross-section of the payment behaviour of your debtors, you know when to be careful or to take action.

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