Easily carry out your entire credit management
with just one single application.

Credit information

Greater security when accepting new clients.

Credit management software

Better cash flow, clear reporting and effective communication.

Policy management

PolisManager: the tool to manage your credit insurance policy.


A comprehensive solution for credit management

CreditDevice offers a comprehensive solution for all your credit management. We develop our products in-house because we understand our customers’ needs and want to make everything as easy as possible for you! Each product has its own purposes and fulfils a specific need. Our solutions are even more effective when they are used together. Combine modules for an effective and efficient solution.

Partner in credit management

By working closely together with our customers we are constantly looking for new and valuable solutions to improve our credit management solutions.

One integrated application

Within our application, you can choose which modules fits you best. The modules can function independently of each other, but they work even better together.

Personal contact

We are an independent company. In practice, this translates into short lines of communication and personal contact. The close relationship with our customers is also reflected in the development process of new products.

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Credit information

With our credit information database, you check the financial status of your prospects and customers in an instant. A smart way to increase your business opportunities by limiting risks. Do you want to know how credit information can work to your advantage? Do a free credit check.


The PolicyManager makes it easy to manage your credit insurance policy. It is a unique tool we have developed that brings all the important and relevant data from the credit insurance company together. Guaranteed up-to-date credit limits! Prevent loss of cover with the PolicyManager notification system.

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Who should you contact for new business and who not? SalesOptimizer helps you to focus on high-quality leads by filtering creditworthy prospects. Download valuable address lists. SalesOptimizer is a unique financial marketing tool for smart business people who are interested in effective and successful business practices.

Our products

Credit management solutions that simplify your job


Credit management software

Our Credit Management Software transcends debtor management. Credit management software provides a clear overview of your clients’ payment behaviour, letting you make choices in advance, take targeted actions and limit risks.

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Outsourcing debtor management

Outsourcing your debtor management is a smart way of investing in consistent dunning. Your cashflow will improve as invoices are paid more promptly. We take good care of your client relationships, we have full knowledge of the facts and make your debtor management our priority.

Combine our modules

Everything you need for all your credit management in a single package

Case studies

What our customers say about us


“Due to the good relationship and cooperation CreditDevice feels like an extension of our organization”.

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“Together we have optimized our customer acceptation process into a streamlined process.”


“The new customer acceptance procedure has reduced the number of debits by more than 70%”.

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