This is how we do it

WWe find it important to be open to our customers and business relations and visible in our compliance with the law. We are therefore happy to tell you how we handle your information.

Safe and transparant

Your personal data will be processed by us in a careful manner. In order to protect the confidentiality of the information, we take appropriate technical and organizational measures. In this way, we protect the data against loss, misuse and any form of unlawful processing.

This is what we collect

By personal data we mean all data that can be traced back to a (legal) person. Think of the name, address, telephone number or bank account number of our customers, employees and other relations. We also process information on matters such as payment arrears, suspension of payments, bankruptcies or the Debt Rescheduling Natural Persons Act (Wet Schuldsanering Natuurlijke Personen, WSNP).

We use data that you have provided to us yourself, as well as data obtained from public sources, such as the Chamber of Commerce.


We only collect and process personal data:

  • if you have given your unambiguous consent, for example by filling in the contact form on our site;
  • if we ourselves have to comply with a legal obligation;
  • if there is a legitimate interest. This means that the processing of personal data is necessary to enable companies to manage financial risks, to protect themselves against fraud, to know who they are dealing with, to comply with regulations or to gain more insight into their customers or markets.

Perhaps even better to know: processing personal data on these grounds does not take place if the interests of the person whose personal data are being processed take precedence.


We use your data for various purposes. Below you can read which ones they are.

  1. Keeping your account up-to-date
    If you are a CreditDevice / DirectDevice customer, we store the following information: your name, address(es), telephone number, gender, position and e-mail address. Convenient, because then you do not have to enter this information every time and we can easily contact you to provide service.
  2. Collection of company data
    The expertise of CreditDevice / DirectDevice lies in the field of credit risk management, the provision of credit information and the development and deployment of credit management software. Within this framework, we collect, process and provide personal data about natural and/or legal persons who are registered as entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce or who have a managerial or administrative position. This data includes: data to identify a person, contact details, job description, powers and any involvement in a financial calamity such as insolvency or bankruptcy. The processing is partly automated. The data is often linked to statistical or demographic data and included in a calculation model, e.g. to calculate a company’s credit score. These data can be provided to our customers. This when they want to know more about the creditworthiness, liquidity and solvency of their existing or future relationships, they will be in a better position to:


    • identify or select their potential trading partners;
    • deliberately enter into, continue or terminate commercial transactions;
    • determine their terms of delivery;
    • estimate the creditworthiness of customers;
    • collect receivables;
    • comply with legal obligations.
  3.  Collecting marketing data
    Also to support organizations in the area of market positioning and marketing activities CreditDevice / DirectDevice processes and provides personal data about natural and/or legal persons.
  4. Google Analytics
    Through our website, a cookie is placed by Google, as part of the Google Analytics service. We only use this information for statistical purposes. Google uses the information to track how people use our site, to enable reporting and to offer us other Internet services. This allows us to improve the online experience of our website visitors. The collected information is anonymized as much as possible. For example, your IP address is expressly not given. The information is stored on servers in the United States. Google adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection. Google may pass on the information to third parties if the organization is legally obliged to do so or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. We have no influence on this. Incidentally, we have not allowed Google to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services.
  5. Risk compliance
    We support companies and institutions in accordance with statutory tasks that arise from the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (WWFT), the Financial Supervision Act (WFT) and the Sanctions Act by implementing and providing personal data about natural and/or legal persons. Providing the personal data mentioned above to third parties, who further process these personal data on the same grounds.
  6. Newsletter
    Of course we also need your personal data if you want to subscribe to (one of) our newsletters. We send general and personal newsletters to keep you informed about our offers, system updates and news items. We compose the personal newsletters based on your data, such as your function and rights. This makes the newsletter more interesting, because its content is tailored to your needs. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can unsubscribe via the link ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of a received news item.
  7. Other customer support
    Finally, we use personal data to optimize our services in many areas, for example:


    • for internal training purposes;
    • for reporting and analysis purposes, e.g. to identify the geographical spread of our customers and to better serve them;
    • to resolve complaints and disputes;
    • to comply with laws and regulations.

Sharing with third parties

We only provide personal data to our own customers and suppliers who have entered into an agreement with us to purchase or access data.

Objection period

As mentioned above, we collect personal data for certain reasons. If those purposes are no longer correct, sufficient, relevant or current, we delete the data.

Viewing and changing data

CreditDevice is committed to keeping your personal and business information accurate and up to date. Would you like to view your data, change it or have it removed? That is possible. Submit a request and Mail the request or send it by post to CreditDevice B.V., at Customer Service, PO Box 76, 2200 AB Noordwijk.

By the way, only you can view or change your personal data. By doing so, we comply with the rules of conduct of the European trade association, the Federation of Business Information Service (FEBIS).


Do you have a question, comment or complaint about a privacy issue? Please contact our Data Protection Officer via