Successful cooperation between Sales and Finance

Whether or not to allocate a credit limit is an important decision for both the credit manager and the commercial staff. Early support helps commercial staff to make smart choices and avoids unnecessary effort. Sounds familiar? Infoscore from CreditDevice will provide this important early support for you.

samenwerking sales en finance

What does Infoscore do?

Infoscore is a product that is mainly used by your commercial staff. When a member of your sales staff wants to check beforehand whether delivery on credit is feasible, you can use a Infoscore report. The sales staff will not receive the complete credit report with too much information, but a report with a simple lay out that tells your sales staff whether or not it is sensible to do business. Simple and without much hassle!

Who is it meant for

From experience we know that our Infoscore customers are companies with large sales and telesales departments. Deals are sealed quickly and the commercial team should be able to decide for themselves whether to do business or not.

Define your own set of rules

In Infoscore you start by defining the rules for the acceptance process. Following an evaluation and based on your ongoing insight, the set of rules can easily be adjusted. This ensures that everyone within the organization makes consistent decisions, which helps manage the business successfully.

Take consistent decisions based on predefined rule sets, drawn up using a decision model, about establishing relationships and transactions. With weighting factors that matter to you.

Well-informed choices

Creditinformation data is the starting point of InfoscoreReport. If you want to know the exact date when a decision was made, you can decide whether you want your credit management department to receive limited information or the full credit report. You make this choice based on the type of customers you have and the other purposes you want to use the information for. The choice is yours.

Complex product, simple presentation

The Infoscore product is one of the more complex credit information products. Before you start working with it, you need to consider carefully how you want to build up the score and what rules you want to apply. Once you have started using the product, your understanding may change progressively. We advise carrying out regular evaluations after you have started using the product. You can use the results to change the calculation method by adjusting the set of rules. After some fine-tuning you will have achieved the desired result.

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