Credit Information

Information affects decision-making in business processes

Every entrepreneur wants to know whom they’re doing business with, right? A company’s creditworthiness tells you a lot about its status, success and future vitality. Credit information from CreditDevice will provide this valuable information for you.

Kredietinformatie CreditDevice

Risk Manager

Do you have a comprehensive debtor portfolio? If so, the online analysis tool Risk Manager of CreditDevice will offer you better insight and overview.

Dutch credit information

Providing credit reports is CreditDevice’s core business. Our database with information about Dutch companies is unique because it is complete and because we manage it ourselves. We are the leading supplier of credit reports for our customers and suppliers.

International credit information

You want to do business internationally. But how do you know if you are dealing with a reliable party? International credit reports provide you with a picture of a company’s financial position. Don’t hesitate and decide at the very start of the selling process to purchase a credit report.


Infoscore is a product with mostly Dutch customers that lets you choose optimum credit management and drive your sales. A fast and simple product that lets your sales staff identify the debtor risk from their PC, tablet or mobile. You predetermine the result of the decision yourself using a set of rules.


Credit information is not a snapshot. Every company is in motion and subject to daily changes. CreditDevice is happy to help you think things through! Our AlertService is a good example. This service automatically sends you a warning in the event of significant changes affecting any of the customers you have selected beforehand.

Credit Information

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