Success stories 

Learn why our customers love to use our products for their entire credit management.

Omar Ayubi | Koninklijke Jongeneel

Our credit controllers are capable of functioning in the blurred areas where finance and commerce meet. By doing so, they can facilitate maximum turnover while maintaining financial stability.

Joris ten Westenend | Sligro Food Group

Together with CreditDevice, Sligro has been able to optimize the customer acceptance process into a streamlined process, in which we can serve customers quickly and the risks are covered as much as possible.

Kevin Jonkman | PontMeyer

”Because we’ve implemented our strategy and are actively using credit information, we’ve been able to reduce claims relating to new clients by more than 50%”

Glenn Clark | Eastman

“Credit management no longer has a back-office function, but is an essential part of today’s business operations”

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