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LexisNexis solutions give you access to over 40,000+ national and international publications and news sources, both online and offline. With information from these databases, organizations can conduct in-depth research, screen third parties, track trends in a particular market or find background information of an article or report. LexisNexis offers various solutions to help you optimize the risk & compliance process. The due diligence and control solutions are an integral part of your risk management workflow. In this way, LexisNexis helps you manage your resources more effectively – both in terms of cost and time – and ensures that you achieve a better ROI, while limiting the risks to your business.

One of those solutions is Nexis Diligence, a web tool for Know Your Customer (KYC) analysis that allows you to check your business partners via a user-friendly interface on PEP and sanction lists, UBO databases and in company databases, biographies, legal documents and ( inter)national news sources.

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