Save yourself hours of work on the premium calculation

A basic principle of credit insurance is that you pay a premium on your revenue. For this, you have to send a detailed premium calculation to the insurer at least once a year.
A time-consuming task! With PolicyManager you generate your premium calculation at the push of a button.
Not with PolicyManager!
In order to manually and correctly generate a premium calculation and not to overpay, you must take into account all the rules of the credit insurer. A few points of attention.
Never pay too much premium with PolicyManager premium calculation.
Save time and costs

Premium calculation via PolicyManagaer

Generating a premium calculation yourself is very time-consuming and, due to all the rules, error prone. With PolicyManager you know with one push of a button how much premium you need to pay. PolicyManager takes into account all the rules that are important for a correct premium calculation. You can easily download the premium calculation, in PDF and Excel, and send it directly to your insurer.

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