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Sell more with the help of smart data

SalesOptimizer is a unique marketing tool for smart entrepreneurs who like to be efficient and do business effectively. In the Netherlands alone there are more than 2.9 million active registered companies. How do you know which company is interesting as a potential customer? And do you have the correct contact details? With SalesOptimizer you easily and quickly find interesting and financially healthy leads.

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Get better insight into your clients and prospects

SalesOptimizer is linked to the company database of CreditDevice, which we update on a daily basis. We combine the data with marketing and analysis options. This way you can immediately see which prospects are most interesting to you and which companies are active or inactive. With the search function in SalesOptimizer you will find comprehensive information about individual companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. So you immediately have all basic information of your customer or prospect at hand.


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Direct access to all the information you need!

By connecting SalesOptimizer to the financial database of CreditDevice you have direct access to important company data. Such as:

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Why SalesOptimizer?

Companies collect a lot of data. But how do you prevent a database from getting polluted? Data cleansing cleans your valuable database with clean customer and prospect data. So that your sales and marketing department can always rely on the data found in your database. As your database will always be up-to-date.

Who wouldn’t want that: finding new customers who look just like your best customers? This is possible with the help of artificial intelligence. By uploading your customer database into SalesOptimizer you will find companies that have the same characteristics in terms of number of employees, industry or turnover data. The list of potential “new best customers” is prioritized based on hit rate.

Qualitative leads help you increase your turnover and grow your business. Work effectively with target marketing campaigns. Base your marketing campaigns on the addresses you have downloaded from SalesOptimizer and undertake targeted sales promotions that align with the needs of the target group. That is how you automatically increase the turnover of your company.

With the ABC analysis you define A, B and C customers based on turnover. After that you get an extensive analysis at segment level: per segment, you can see how many clients you have, what the turnover is per group, where the clients are situated etc. This analysis serves as an indication of your customer base and can used as a basis for your growth strategy or market approach.

With SalesOptimizer you can carefully select the target group that is interesting for your organization. By segmenting your target group you prevent that your downloading useless prospects lists.


Request data directly from your own system

Request prospect data or automatically simply from your own system or intranet? Our web service makes this possible. This way you can update or monitor your customer and prospect database on a daily basis. Thanks to the link with our financial database, you can continuously monitor the creditworthiness of your customer base. With the use of monitoring your database will be checked 24/7 whether the data is still up-to-date. Important changes, such as a relocation, takeover or bankruptcy, are implemented immediately. You will be notified of important changes so that you can take action when necessary.

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