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Atradius is a leading global credit insurer that aims to support the growth of its clients by strengthening their credit and cash management. They offer a wide range of credit management services.

In addition to the main credit insurance products, Atradius’ services include suretyship, collection services and reinsurance. All of these services are backed by the expertise of the people at Atradius and constantly updated financial information on more than 200 million companies worldwide. With strategically located offices across six continents, Atradius is close to their customers and the markets in which they do business. With a total turnover of more than 1.6 billion euros, they have earned the place as the leading global trade credit insurer. At Atradius, you can rely on in-depth knowledge of the market in which you operate. With the knowledge, resources and help that Atradius offers for your risk management, you can now focus on achieving sustainable, safe and balanced growth.


Atradius contributed to the development of CreditDevice’s PolicyManager. The tool ensures efficient management, convenience and exact compliance with your policy. Thanks to a direct link with Atradius, the PolicyManager ensures updated coverage information on a daily basis – sometimes even several times a day.

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