This is Mollie. Mollie provides the easiest online payments, for you and for your customers. Together with more than 125,000 customers, Mollie is working hard towards their goal: to become the most popular PSP. The payment products directly contribute to the growth of your organization. This not only ensures higher conversions, but also a better focus because you don’t have to worry about your payments.

Mollie’s approach is unique in this sector. Mollie wants you to stay as a customer because they want to exceed your expectations every day. That is why you are not bound by a contract at Mollie, you only pay for successful transactions and they proactively lower their rates as you grow.

The collaboration between CreditDevice and Mollie ensures that CreditDevice users get their outstanding invoices paid even faster. With integrated payment links in e-mail, SMS or a letter, debtors can pay the invoices quickly and easily in a safe and accessible way.

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