D-basics offers a solution for sending financial information to financial service providers such as: Banks, Credit management solutions, e-invoicing, Financial reporting, Factoring, Trade information and Retail Service Suppliers.

D-basics software imports information from a large number of data sources, processes this information and automatically converts this into data files in various file formats. Most of the customers use d-basics software to share financial information with financial service providers such as banks, factoring companies, credit insurance companies, credit managers etc.
Since the foundation of D-basics in 2004, the software can now extract information from over 900 different types of accounting packages / ERP systems and it can send information in the correct format to more than 80 different financial service providers.
Supported by their multilingual service desk and the ability to automatically extract and upload information, d-basics software greatly simplifies the process of sending financial information (both for the sender and for the receiver).

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