Why outsource your debtor management?

”Do you currently miss focus on your debtor management, resulting in work being left undone that you would like to outsource? On the other hand, you don’t want to lose control over this important part of the process. That’s why we offer you both a focus on the process and control over it.

Financially healthy

Effective debtor management

If you don’t have time to chase payments or don’t have the right people or resources to do so, you’re not alone! More and more companies are facing these problems. Focus on your core business and let us take care of your debtor management. Invoices will get paid faster which will have a positive impact on your working capital, which you can then use to do business, invest and grow.

Combine debtor management with credit information

Avoid financial risks and request a free credit report!


Why would you outsource your debtor management?

More and more companies are outsourcing. Outsourcing your credit management is an investment in the proper functioning of your company. You can choose to outsource all or a part of your credit management. Depending on your internal capacity and expertise. Why outsource your credit management? We are happy to explain that to you.


Get your invoices paid faster

The payment behaviour of your customers is our priority. We’re on it. As a result, invoices are paid faster, which in turn contributes to better cash flow.


You always come first

Your debtor management is our priority. Always. Business never stops. That is the major advantage of outsourcing your debtor management to CreditDevice: you always come first.


Good customer relationship

We know how to communicate with your customers. We know the ropes and understand what to say or write and when.


Remote expertise

Our specialists are an extension of your organization. We communicate with your debtors on behalf of your company. We will discuss the working procedures beforehand, defining the situations you still want to be involved in?


Flexible in capacity

Save yourself extra FTEs on the payroll. We take care of credit management, when there is a lot of work and also when there is less to do. We are flexible in capacity.

Personal partner in debtor management

As an extension of your company, we handle your debtor management according to your specific demands and expectations. Debtor Management by CreditDevice ensures a professional and thorough approach. Debtors will be followed up by phone daily and reminders will be sent according to the agreements we made beforehand. Our specialists’ mission is to get invoices paid faster. Because a healthy cashflow is important for any entrepreneur.


Flexible outsourcing

You decide the length of time

For some companies we are the permanent partner for debtor management. For others we handle the debtor management temporarily, e.g. in cases of absences due to vacancies, maternity leave or illness. The length of time you want to outsource the debtor management for is completely up to you! Our specialists are ready to jump in whenever the situation requires. As far as our Credit Management Software is concerned, experience shows that many customers choose to keep using it as a permanent system for sound financial management. Precisely what we recommend!



We are happy to help! Give us a call on +31 71 36 400 or contact us for more information.