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Our story

CreditDevice was founded in 2001 by Hans Geluk. It was time to take a fresh look at the future of credit management. The purpose: help organizations limit their credit risks by offering solutions and creating added value. Our foundation is the dataset with which credit decisions can be made. We build software solutions around it. Our software is a work in progress and therefore always in line with current developments.

CreditDevice is the only company in the Netherlands that combines in-house developed credit management software with its own credit information database.

With our Credit Management Software, we help customers to simplify their communication with regard to outstanding invoices. We develop the software ourselves, because we know what our customers need.

Meet our Team

CreditDevice mixes experienced professionals with the talent of younger workers. A unique mix that lets our team brainstorm with our customers and work on new products and product improvement every day. Our motto: good is never good enough.

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Who are we?

CreditDevice provides financial health information as a service

Creating solutions

We have an in-house team of data analysts and software specialists, so we can respond quickly. Our customers’ needs are always the starting point when developing our products.

Collaboration makes us stronger

Together with our customers we strive for perfection. What can be improved? We are always looking for ways to improve our products and we come up with new solutions together.

Our door is always open

Our customers prefer to pick up the phone rather than create a ticket in our system. After all, we are your personal partner in credit management. Thanks to our personal approach, we know all our customers by name and understand their needs.

Safety and trust

Our software applications meet the most stringent reliability and security requirements. We’re always the reliable partner who thinks things through with you. We’re always ready to go the extra mile.

Looking at the future

We started in 2001 with a fresh look at the future of credit management. Looking forward remains our mission. It is a constant and creative process. We are always looking for innovative solutions for our customers.

In-house ICT-department

Our programmers are an extension of your own organization. We create added value for our customers through direct communication and a close cooperation.


“We do not see CreditDevice as a supplier, but more as a partner.”

CreditDevice products

The CreditDevice platform lets customers combine several modules in a single system. This makes it easier to implement your entire credit management efficiently in a single application.

Financial data is the company’s backbone. Using our financial data, our customers take decisions on a daily basis. We encourage working in a well-oiled integrated overall process. But a customer might equally only want data and credit scores.

We believe in perfecting our products. That is how we created a unique solution for managing a credit insurance policy together with our customers and with the help of the credit insurance companies Atradius, Euler and Coface. A product that really works: the PolicyManager!

Besides our credit management solutions, we have launched SalesOptimizer, in cooperation with a group of international colleagues. It is a marketing information tool linked to our company database. The tool immediately provides a clear picture of the potential and creditworthiness of your prospects and customers. This gives you marketing information with the added value of a database filled with credit information.



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