International credit information

Do business safely

Borders are fading and doing business internationally is becoming easier all the time. Whether you do business in Europe or beyond with companies in Asia, North America or Australia, CreditDevice travels with you across the world.

International business

How creditworthy is your international customer or prospect?

Conducting business internationally offers opportunities for growth and can help your company to expand. However, doing business with companies abroad also brings risks. How creditworthy is your international customer or prospect? Doing business with foreign countries also entails differences in company registration requirements, company structures and the obligation to publish annual accounts. That is why the content of the credit report you get varies from country to country. By always classifying and subdividing the information the same way, the international credit report from CreditDevice is easy to interpret.

330 million companies world wide

At CreditDevice we understand that you need to know the financial status of your international prospect before you start conducting business abroad. That’s why we have built an extensive international network. We are happy to help you on your way, with valuable information regarding the creditworthiness of the company concerned.

The many advantages of international credit information

Sophisticated design

All our credit reports have a uniform lay out, with a clear structure and content that make our reports more readable. It makes it easier to analyse information and compare credit reports from different countries.

Easily request reports online

All credit information reports can be requested directly via our online platform. You can download the information directly and easily request a new report. In the online archive, you will also find all previously requested credit reports. Would you rather integrate credit information into your own systems? Then that is of course also possible, via our API!

Automate for more success

Is your organization a multinational or do you do a lot of business abroad? Then it is smart to automate your credit information requests. This will speed up the customer acceptance process. Which will save you a lot of time and will reduce financial risks.

International partner network

CreditDevice is member of FEBIS (Federation of Business information Services). Together with our partners, we have a worldwide network. The advantage is that you have all the important business information at your fingertips, so that you can conduct business safely as well.

Personal attention

Service is number one at CreditDevice. We are known for our customer-friendliness and do everything we can to assist our customers personally. Whether it concerns a simple question about a report or a request to improve all your credit management processes: we are happy to think along with you!


The financial situation of your business relations can change for various reasons. Sometimes that goes very quickly. It is therefore important to regularly check the financial progress, especially with your larger customers. If you opt for monitoring, you are always informed when a change takes place and you can respond immediately.

Smart business

Limit your risks abroad

Check the financial data of the foreign party you plan to do business with and thus limit your business risks. Get a clear picture of the creditworthiness of your international customer, prospect or supplier with International Credit Information reports from CreditDevice. Now that’s what we call doing business internationally, the smart way!



We are happy to help! Please contact us for more information or request an online credit report on a company established in the Netherlands.