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Doing business abroad safely with Credit information International

Borders are fading and doing business internationally is becoming easier all the time. Whether you do business in Europe or beyond with companies in Asia, North America or Australia, CreditDevice travels with you across the world.

How creditworthy is your international customer or prospect?

Conducting business internationally offers opportunities for growth and can help your company to expand. However, doing business with companies abroad also brings risks. How creditworthy is your international customer or prospect? Doing business with foreign countries also entails differences in company registration requirements, company structures and the obligation to publish annual accounts. That is why the content of the credit report you get varies from country to country. By always classifying and subdividing the information the same way, the international credit report from CreditDevice is easy to interpret.

Kredietinformatie internationaal

Million companies worldwide

Limit your risks abroad

Check the financial data of the foreign party you plan to do business with and thus limit your business risks. Get a clear picture of the creditworthiness of your international customer, prospect or supplier with International Credit Information reports from CreditDevice. Now that’s what we call doing business internationally, the smart way!

Throughout the world with your worries handled by CreditDevice

At CreditDevice we understand that you need to know the financial status of your international prospect before you start conducting business abroad. That’s why we have built an extensive international network. We are happy to help you on your way, with valuable information regarding the creditworthiness of the company concerned.

Clear information

All our credit reports have a uniform lay out, with a clear structure and content that make our reports more readable. It makes it easier to analyse information and compare credit reports from different countries.

Differences between countries

A united Europe has not led to uniform registration of companies and uniform publication of annual reports. The obligation to publish annual accounts and the content of what is published varies per country, both within Europe and beyond.

Language and currency

International reports are always drawn up in English and the figures converted to euros, based on the exchange rate at the end of the accounting period.

Offline research

Our network holds online data of about 240 million international companies. If you need any of these companies investigated, our partners are happy to do that! We combine all the information in a complete credit report, presented in the familiar CreditDevice lay out.

Kredietinformatie Internationaal

International network

CreditDevice is a member of FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services). Together with our partners, we have a worldwide network. The advantage is that you have all the important business information at your fingertips, so that you can conduct international business safely as well.

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