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Robbert Geluk looks back on 2022 and looks ahead

Robbert Geluk is managing director of CreditDevice. He looks back on the past year and looks ahead: “It is no longer taken for granted that the debtor will pay, so there is much more attention to credit management again. Companies that address this structurally have a competitive advantage.”

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CreditDevice partnership with Diesis

One year ago CreditDevice and Diesis officially entered into partnership. Both Diesis and CreditDevice are parties that make the work of financial professionals easier and more efficient through IT solutions. By joining forces, we wanted to create even more value for our customers.

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Credit management software

Debtor management as the poor relation

Debtor management is an important part of a company’s financial administration. It involves making sure that your customers pay your invoices on time and in full. This is essential for your company’s liquidity and profitability. Yet debtor management is often treated as an understudy. It is seen as a time-consuming and tedious chore that brings little appreciation. But is that really justified? In this blog, we explain why debtor management should actually be a priority for every business owner.

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