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Marketing information for targeted sales

Match your existing customer portfolio in SalesOptimizer and find the best prospects for your company in an instant. Request a free trial and try SalesOptimizer for 7 days!

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Only dedicate your time to creditworthy prospects

Marketing information by CreditDevice is the way to select prospects and win new customers. We have linked our marketing tool SalesOptimizer to our financial database. This immediately gives you a clear picture of a prospect’s creditworthiness and their potential as a new customer. Simply link your customer list to our database and add the correct names and addresses and Chamber of Commerce details to it. Also create look a like prospects based on the data in your customer file for a better and faster selection of prospects.

Efficiënte Sales CreditDevice

Efficient sales

Don’t waste any more time on financially unhealthy leads. SalesOptimizer gets you started effectively and efficiently.

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Online data cleansing

The higher the quality of your database, the more added value the data will have for your company. Clean data is the cornerstone for a complete and up-to-date image of your customer.

Online data cleansing CreditDevice

Look a likes

Find the best prospects for your organisation based on your current customer file, by creating look a likes. This will considerably increase your sales potential.


Don’t waste time

In the Netherlands alone, there are over 2.9 million active registered companies. How can you tell which company might be a potential customer? And do you have the correct contact details for this potential customer? SalesOptimizer by CreditDevice lets you filter interesting and financially healthy leads swiftly and easily. In short, a useful marketing tool for generating high-quality leads.

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Unique financial marketing tool

SalesOptimizer analyses the best prospects for your specific company, based on your existing customer file. It is a smart tool that will look for the best look a like prospects, delivering the best conversion rates!

If you want to gain customers quickly and easily, try SalesOptimizer for seven days for free. Match your existing customer portfolio in SalesOptimizer and find the best prospects for your company in no time.

Data cleansing

Keep your customer data up to date

If you want to avoid working with a messy database, data cleansing will completely clean your valuable database that is full of customers and prospects. Your sales and marketing department can then always rely on your database having complete and accurate data that is always up to date.

Request data from your own system

Manually or automatically request prospect data from CreditDevice, simply from your own system or via intranet. Our webservice makes that possible! This lets you monitor and/or edit your customer and prospect files daily. Using the link to our financial database means you can continuously monitor the creditworthiness of your customer file from now on.

Credit Information

prevent payment risks with credit information