Managing your credit insurance policy can be made easier

PolicyManager helps you to interpret the rules and regulations of your credit insurance policy. The software will analyse relevant data, your invoices and the credit insurer’s details and will summarize it in overviews and notifications. Discover how your organization can benefit from PolicyManager!

CreditDevice credit management software

Comply with all policy conditions

You take out a credit insurance policy. That is a deliberate and well-considered decision. At CreditDevice we get that! Our PolicyManager software prevents you from making errors by ensuring that measures are taken in good time and that you are up to date with all credit limits. Apply the credit insurance company’s rules and regulations to limit the risk of unclaimable losses.

Simplify managing your credit insurance policy

Correct interpretation of the rules of a credit insurance policy can be complicated. The various rules and the amount of data can complicate making the right decision at the right time. How does a credit controller know what to do? Our PolicyManager is your perfect solution. PolicyManager provides you with alert lists at all levels, such as guidance when a debtor is slow in paying and with that puts the organisation at the risk its self-assessment status being withdrawn. The PolicyManager also immediately detects when credit limits are exceeded. In short, our PolicyManager puts you on top of things!

Want your policy management in good order as well?

Eén applicatie CreditDevice

One application

PolicyManager is the only software in the Netherlands that combines management of the credit insurance policy, debtor management and credit information in a single application.

Efficiënt polisbeheer CreditDevice

Efficient policy management

Prevent errors by using the efficient processes of our PolicyManager. You determine the notification system’s parameters and it will then steer the actions that need to be taken.

Eenvoudig dashboard CreditDevice

A simple dashboard

Our PolicyManager always gives you a clear picture of your policy through our dashboard. We encapsulate all core information about the policy and the insured debtors in a single, well-organized dashboard.

Always correctly informed with PolicyManager

An important component of the PolicyManager is the self-assessment function. PolicyManager autonomously calculates the discretionary limit, based on your payment experiences. Termination of the self-assessment limit is also detected. That means that continuous processes are performed efficiently and simply by PolicyManager. Determining self-assessment limits by means of CreditDevice credit reports is also an option. All major credit insurance companies (Atradius, Coface and Euler) accept CreditDevice credit reports. The software makes daily checks to see when action needs to be taken. Responding to these notifications, will prevent unnecessary risks.

PolisManager samenwerking kredietverzekeringsmaatschappijen
Polismanager CreditDevice

Let PolicyManager do your work for you

The analyses of all relevant data, your invoices and the credit insurance companies’ details are all being summarised in overviews and notifications. These overviews are used for steering and initiating actions. Besides that, the PolicyManager provides a daily journal of all credit insurance companies’ messages that were received through the webservice. Daily exchange of all data and the dispatched invoices creates a comprehensive picture. PolicyManager has information about each invoice whether it is covered or not. This makes submitting the pre-calculated premium to the credit insurance company a simple next available function.

Knowing precisely how it works

Accurate information is essential for the functioning of PolicyManager. Good data transfer is therefore important. The master data and outstanding invoice data is uploaded daily so the PolicyManager can make calculations. As a supplier of our own Credit Management Software we have extensive experience with data export and data import. Up-to-date information is also crucial for optimum functioning of PolicyManager. That is why PolicyManager synchronizes all available data every day: data from your own company as well as from the credit insurance company. All fully computerized.

Added value with extra modules

A comprehensive solution for your credit management is vital for successful business management. Combine debtor management, credit information and credit insurance policy management in a single software solution from CreditDevice.